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Sterile Dressing Film

5.90 in x 3.93 in ( 15 cm x 10 cm ) x 100 pieces

Heal Your Tattoos Quickly by Using Our Sterile Dressing Film.

The first few days after tattooing are critical for tattoo healing. Therefore, you need to ensure the use of the right product that promotes healing. Use our sterile dressing film to safeguard your skin and tattoo.

• It gives dependable protection from elements
• Protects your new tattoo
• Extremely breathable
• Promotes healing and recovery
• Nourishes and rejuvenates your skin
• Protects your skin from harmful irritants
• Maximizes the vibrancy of your ink
• Gives protection against germs
• Light-weight construction
• It doesn’t stick to clothes or crinkle
• It is thinner and more flexible

Apply on your skin after cleaning following tattooing.



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