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Natural Wax Candle

Hand-Made and Poured with Love Pure Soy and Palm Wax Candle.

Candles can make any occasion special. Whether it’s a candlelight dinner with your beloved or a special surprise, our natural soy and palm wax candles cast a spell, uplift the mood, and keep your environment clean. Moreover, they add a beautiful touch to your settings.

• Hand-poured candles
• Made with 100% pure soy and palm wax
• It burns three times more than the ordinary paraffin candles
• Unique crystal and frosty effect to enhances their beauty
• Ideal for creating stunning ambiance on any occasion
• Keeps your indoor environment clean and refreshing



Natural palm and soy wax.


Burn time: 30 hours. Prolonged burning of candles can result in excess wax, which extinguishes the candle flame. If this happens, extinguish the candle, allow the wax to set and only then can you light it again.
- Do not leave a light candle unattended.
- Remove the label before lighting the candle.


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